Our Firm

SA Logistics is a Logistics, Transport and Fleet management consulting firm that provides the following services:
i.) Defensive Driving
ii.) Road Safety, Fuel, Maintenance & Fleet Management
iii.) Projects support & logistics
iv.) Training & Capacity Building
v.) Strategic Planning
vi.) Logistics Consultancy.

Philosophy & Mission

At SA Logistics we work to a consistently high standard to provide quality solutions with the objective of attaining safe, clean & efficient logistics. We are committed to nurture and sustain a close working relationship with our clients and associates. We are first and foremost a service company. As professionals we provide quality management services while observing all the necessary ethical requirements of independence, integrity, objectivity and due care & skill. Effective alliances are based on mutual trust, careful planning and communications. SA Logistics must understand a clients business if it is to meet the clients needs. This is achieved by detailed consultation and discussion between the two parties. Based on this, SA Logistics will develop flexible plans to meet your current and longer-term growth plans. Maintaining good communications at all levels will help in achieving this goal.

Training Services

We offer short courses in fleet management, defensive driving, drivers auto mechanics, stores and materials management and other tailor made courses. For details on our Fleet Management courses please download our PDF document on
1. The Fundermentals of Fleet Management Course
2. Advanced Fleet Management Course
3. Managing Work-Related Road Safety
3. Defensive Driving

Fuel Maintenance and Fleet Management

Fleet Management by SA Logistics is a ‘cradle to grave’ portfolio of business services, designed to ease your administrative burden and reduce your fleet operating costs. The services we provide are most commonly applied against an owned vehicle fleet, although they can add value to most other forms of vehicle funding.

The essence of fleet management is that you out-source the day-to-day operations of your fleet to us, giving you the freedom to concentrate on the operation of your business. In doing so, you significantly reduce your operating costs and release important internal expertise to address core business issues. Leave us to fight the daily battles, while you enjoy the benefits of our vehicle management expertise and bulk-purchasing power.Read more

Consultancy Services

We provide independent specialist advice to organisations. Our typical assignment may include any or a combination of the following:
1. Logistics & Distribution strategy
2.Logistics Customer Service
3. Warehouse/Stores Management and Materials Handling
4.Fleet Advice and Consultancy ServicesRead more

Contact Us

Address:112 Bukoto Street,Kampala
Postal:P.O Box: 2980,Kampala,Uganda
Phone: +256(0)414 535658
Mobile: +256(0)772 691845
E-mail: info@salogistics.co.ug