Fleet Management training

Our training program for managers has been running since 2000, it has now been revised and separated into fundermental and advanced to cater for new entrants in fleet management and the more experienced manager:

FMGT Course Outline

Recent, independent market research suggests that the quality of training courses and trainers is the key consideration in selecting a driver-training provider. With assistance from SES a German NGO we have recently trained our trainers to provide modern defensive driving techniques. The training manager will regularly sit in on scheduled training sessions in order to maintain the highest standards of training and service. Feedback from customer surveys is used in course development.

Our diversity and breadth of experience ensures the dynamism and innovation that separates us from the other players in the field:

-Reduced insurance premium costs
-Reduced insurance excess payments
-Reduced fuel consumption & tyres
-Reduced wear-and-tear item cost
-Improved vehicle residual values
-Happier staff, Health and Safety considerations
-Impact on the local community
-Less vehicle downtime
-Reliable vehicle scheduling
-Better company image

Fleet Management

Fleet Management by SA Logistics is a ‘cradle to grave’ portfolio of business services, designed to ease your administrative burden and reduce your fleet operating costs. The services we provide are most commonly applied against an owned vehicle fleet, although they can add value to most other forms of vehicle funding.

The essence of fleet management is that you out-source the day-to-day operations of your fleet to us, giving you the freedom to concentrate on the operation of your business. In doing so, you significantly reduce your operating costs and release important internal expertise to address core business issues. Leave us to fight the daily battles, while you enjoy the benefits of our vehicle management expertise and bulk-purchasing power.

Our objective is to provide you with the best fleet management services money can buy. We achieve this objective through attention to detail. We aim to be the preferred choice of our customers through recommendation, and consequently we earn repeat business by providing the highest level of service and acting ethically in our dealings.

We believe in building long-term partnerships.

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