Consultancy Services

We provide independent specialist advice to organisations. Our typical assignment may include any or a combination of the following:

Fleet Advice and Consultancy Services
Under our Fleet Advice and Consultancy services we offer;
-Fleet capital structuring i.e. lease, buy or hire, funding & taxation
-Fleet replacement policy & cycles reviews
-Whole life costing
-Fleet management information systems and telematics
-Cash for car benefits strategy
-Vehicle procurement and disposal
-Vehicle allocation policy reviews
-Risk assessments and fleet safety reviews
-Fuel audits and fuel management program reviews
-Workshop evaluations
-Driver pre/post employment tests & training
-Fleet size & mix planning
-Parts Stores management & materials handling
Logistics & Distribution Consultancy Services
Generally our Logistics and distribution consultancy services cover strategy, customer service and materials handling as detailed below.

a) Logistics & Distribution strategy
-Distribution audits and strategy
-Supply chain mapping and redesigning
-Inventory placement, tracking and forecasting
-Depot location and numbers planning
-Procurement information and advice
-Performance measurement and monitoring

b) Logistics Customer Service
-Customer service measurement, monitoring and control
-Customer Service audits
-Total management of logistics customer service systems

c) Warehouse/Stores Management and Materials Handling
-Management and operation of facilities
-Warehouse design
-Staff recruitment and training
-Handling and storage equipment requirements
-Warehouse operations costing
-Warehouse performance measurement, monitoring & control

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