Motorcycle Riders

Motorcycle Riders

The objective of the training is to refresh and upgrade the motorcycle riders’ skills with the aim of increasing their safety on the road. At the end of the training, delegates should be able to:

  • Ride motorcycles safely and responsibly by avoiding accidents despite the bad actions of other road users and bad road conditions
  • Sustain mental harmony under stressful conditions and focus on riding
  • Carry passengers and documents safely
  • Comply with traffic laws, signs and markings (the highway code) and EDC’s motorcycle riding guidelines
  • Ensure that the motorcycle is in a roadworthy condition and conduct preventive maintenance, diagnose and report motorcycle faults in a timely manner.
  • Provide professional service to EDC with good customer care

Methodology & Training Program

The motorcycle riders training is based on the “curriculum for training motorcycle and tricycle riders” that was developed in Tanzania by AFCAP/Transaid (sponsored by UKaid) in 2015. This new training edition is a result of invaluable feedback from the training sessions that we’ve run since 2001 and is based on more interactive coaching methods.